Design-ology for Women In Charge written by Sheryl Mclean is the first book of it’s kind. Sheryl is the founder and principle designer of Décoria Interior Designs. This book was written to help powerful women get out of their own way of success in having the home of their dreams. Noting that after years of working with successful female CEOs, they shared some common concerns and questions. These concerns show up in their lives as resistance, preventing them from truly reaching the levels of luxury they desire.

This book discusses the importance of living in a space that surrounds you with the beauty that is reflected of your authentic self. It leads you on a path of discovering how living in luxury would benefit you and your family. You are given insightful tips on how to interview and select the best designer for your home. You will also learn what to expect from the design process. “You will not only learn the importance of interior design to up-leveling your life, you will learn how to get there from here.” Liana Chaouli, CEO Image Therapist International.


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My husband and I hired Sheryl of Décoria Interior Designs, after purchasing a “project house”. We knew we were going to need someone who not only understood our design style, but also had a background in architecture (the house we purchased is OVER 115 years old). Did such a magical human exist? She DOES!

After reading some reviews and doing some homework we found Sheryl! Sheryl is UCLA-trained architect and is trained in international design she also has over 30 years of experience.

When we first started I thought she was just going to tell us if we could knock down some walls and where we could put an extra bathroom. However, Sheryl is not one to leave one stone unturned. She walked our entire home BEFORE we closed on the property and gave us so much to think about. I think the best way to describe Sheryl is that she opens your eyes to the possibility of a project.

We watch A LOT of HGTV and have some ideas of our own, but she was able to help us personalize our plans to best fit our lifestyle. Between all of our ideas, Sheryl’s direction, our budget and our timeline we are creating a space that checks off all of our boxes. Her design is more than we could have ever hoped for and is personal to us.

Besides all the things that you think a designer is supposed to do, Sheryl helped us interview contractors, took us on product shopping trips, shared many design innovations that we as consumers are not privy to. She has also been instrumental in helping manage the stress of such a large project and has helped us manage expectations throughout the way.

We are still finalizing plans, but we are so excited about the first drafts and the team she has helped us assemble. We highly recommend Sheryl McLean and Décoria Interior Designs.

Chela Sanchez


Thanks to Sheryl McLean, an amazing interior designer, I love the look and feel of my newly remodeled bathroom. Sheryl made sure she understood my style, she then took it to new, exciting heights, gently guiding me to a fresh, clean look with smooth lines that is so me. Sheryl was engaged every step of the way. She did most of this from Maryland, I’m in California! I am so impressed by Sheryl’s keen eye for detail and her knowledge and expertise in design, construction, materials, craftsmanship, hardware, and furnishings. After my gorgeous bathroom remodel, I am looking forward to remodeling my second bathroom and several more projects with Sheryl.

Debbie Meador


Let me share with you why I am a repeat customer with Decoria — in my last home, Sheryl helped me with a fabulous family room, built in office, gorgeous lighting, morning room chairs and luxury custom draperies. She has a great eye for those little details that make the design super special and ensure that the rooms flow together. She managed everything from start to finish so well that I didn’t have to do anything but approve the final selections! Sheryl listens carefully to my preferences but encourages me to consider new things that are sometimes a little outside my comfort zone — wow, I am so glad I listened and followed her advice — the end result is so much better than I ever could have imagined — Isn’t that why we hire a great designer in the first place? Now that I am in a newly built home, Decoria is back. We’ve started with more great lighting and I’m excited about all the other possibilities that are sure to unfold with such a great professional design service!



Decoria Interior Designs transformed our old, outdated kitchen into a beautiful, gourmet kitchen. Our kitchen is not only efficient, but spacious. Decoria designed a unique layout based on our needs and desires. They truly thought of everything! We were so impressed with the Decoria Team that we expanded our renovation to include our family room, powder room, foyer, living room, and dining room. Decoria designed an eye-popping living space! Decoria’s staff provided expert management and consultation as they walked us through the project stages. From start to finish, Decoria Interior Designs was the best!



I was fortunate enough to meet Sheryl at a local Design Show House when I was a student. She had designed three rooms adjacent to the area I designed. While each of her rooms served a separate function, they were all united by a shared color scheme, classical yet fresh aesthetic, and wonderful attention to detail. It was a delight to hear the responses of the Show House visitors when they entered Sheryl’s spaces. The “oohs” and “aahs” were palpable as the visitors lingered to take it all in. Naturally I jumped at the chance to work as an intern for Sheryl when it was offered.

Sheryl’s strong architectural background was quickly apparent as I watched her evaluate interiors then create floor plans that functioned much more efficiently and looked amazing. Never afraid to open up wall space or remove unwanted barriers, she was able to breathe new life into tired interiors. She would then fill the interiors with beautiful furnishings and finishes that were classic yet fresh and always reflecting the client’s personality. Without exception, her client’s have been delighted.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Sheryl McLean and Decoría Interior Designs for anyone looking for a wonderful interior designer. Sheryl not only has a great design sense, she’s an absolute pro!



Sheryl McLean is the most talented designer I have ever met. Her work is beyond amazing…it is spectacular! Her background as an architect puts her in a class all by herself. Her ability to transform spaces, and not just decorate them is quite remarkable. She did such a fabulous job on my home, that I hired her to manage the construction and interior design of my medical office. My clients have all been amazed at her work. If I could give her a higher rating, I would. I have been extremely satisfied with her work.



We have hired Decoria Interior Designs, Sheryl, several times over the past three years and could not be happier with the outcomes. Sheryl has worked with us to redecorate our family room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath. All of these rooms still give us great pleasure–really beautiful. And, when friends and family see the results…they are stunned too. Gorgeous home!

Sheryl is a true partner with us. She listens to our visions and then adds her tremendous experience and style and makes it so much better. She does everything possible to make the whole experience a positive one.

I highly recommend her…you will be happy! She truly cares about the work and the results.



This was my first experience using a designer. Sheryl met all of my expectations. I won’t make any additions or changes to my home without her now. I’d just bought my townhouse and needed window treatments and furniture for my living room. I had no idea of where to start. Sheryl came in and after an hour’s conversation, she seemed to know my taste exactly. I was amazed! The project turned out very well and I continue to get great responses from my friends and family.



Sheryl did such a wonderful job selecting the right colors for my home. While this might seem very simple to some, Sheryl was able to select colors that not only complimented my home, but captured the personality of my family. Her work spoke to us on a personal level and celebrates the spirit of our family. Not only will I choose Sheryl for future projects, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a designer.

Esther Hammond


Decoria transformed my simple one bedroom apartment into an oasis that I absolutely love. From the selection of paint color to the coordinating custom window treatments and bedding, I feel like I’m living in a model home. The kitchen layout was expanded to meet my needs and my closets were designed to meet all of my storage requirements. 

What I appreciated most about Decoria was their prompt and professional service. They were on time and reliable with no hidden charges or surprises. I will definitely use them again.



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